Empowering Students

What do we need to be successful in the world? It turns out that we need more than brains.  In fact, studies have shown that test scores and IQ are only about 25% effective in predicting the future success of a student. What makes up the remaining 75%?   We call these non-cognitive or social-emotional skills: thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that help us take that next step towards prosperity.  Can we develop these skills while building community and enjoying ourselves at the same time?  Yes we can!

Young Women with Backpacks

Destination Series

Designed to inspire and empower students to get to where they want to go, our Destination Series will guide students to intentionally attain personal success.  This research-based goal achievement process can be applied in the classroom, in competition, on the path to college, career, life, and more.  Students will learn how to make personal decisions that align better with their temperament and values.


Students develop the self-awareness, perspectives, skills, and habits to produce improved:

  • Academic achievement

  • Career performance and satisfaction

  • Long-term relationship and health benefits

Not Soft Skills, These Are Hard Skills Workshops!

These workshops are designed to introduce students to practical skills and perspectives that can serve them for the rest of their lives.


The modular approach to these skills allows them to be flexibly scheduled to meet the needs of any school or organization.  


 Our Hard Skills Modules can. . . 

  • Stand-alone, as single sessions to inspire and educate students at key moments

  • Be strung into an extended Empowering Students program

  • Integrated into our flagship SEL program, the Destination Series, giving students a practical and immediate opportunity to utilize the Destination Series goal pursuit activities in the context of these Hard Skills.

Our Workshops include. . .

  • Problem Solving

  • Ethical Dilemmas

  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Literacy

  • Public Speaking

  • Negotiating Skills

  • Personality, Growth & Goals

  • Strengths & Values

  • Teamwork & Leadership

  • Service Learning