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About the Course

Designed to inspire and empower students to get to where they want to go, our Destination Series will guide students to intentionally attain personal success.  This goal achievement process can be applied in the classroom, in competition, on the path to college, career, life, and more.  Students will learn how to make personal decisions that align better with their temperament and values.


Our research-based approach delivers a frequently fun, often challenging, and always insightful class packed with “a-ha moments” that keep students wanting to dig deeper.


Students develop the self-awareness, perspectives, skills, and habits to produce improved:

  • Academic achievement

  • Career performance and satisfaction

  • Long-term health and relationship benefits


Grounded empirically in the science of personality psychology and goal pursuit, students will:

  • Articulate a deeper understanding of their personality and values

  • Align their goals with that identity

  • Develop the skills to create new habits to achieve those goals

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Structured to Benefit Your Students...        Scheduled to Work for Your Program... 

The Destination Series consists of 4 Parts, each designed to build on the last.  Each part is intended to be scheduled over a 6 to 7 week period.  Each begins with a Staff Training Workshop in which we train your staff on the principles, curriculum, and teaching methods they will need to impact students.


Next, Tried & True and your staff collaboratively teach a Boot Camp that introduces your entire cohort of students to the key concepts of that part.  These super-engaging, high-energy boot camps are designed to keep students buzzing for weeks.

Your staff then meets weekly with small groups of 8 to 12 students for the next 6 weeks.  During these Weekly Meetings centered around personal reflection and insightful group discussion, your students will be applying the principles learned in the boot camp to setting and attaining personal growth goals.  Tried & True will continue to meet with your staff in brief staff training workshops, strategically scheduled to support your staff when we know they will need it most.

Modular in design, you can choose to schedule only one part at a time or schedule all four for a program that will catalyze long term change in your students over the course of a full school year.

Part 1

personality, growth & goals

Personality, Growth, & Goals

After completing this first chapter in the series, students will be able to

  • demonstrate a basic understanding of the sciences of neuroplasticity and personality

  • evaluate the implication of their own personality disposition on their lives

  • set goals for personal growth informed by this deeper self-awareness

  • apply proven goal achievement strategies to achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based goals

Part 2

Strengths & values

Strengths & Values

After completing this second chapter in the series, students will be able to

  • describe basic tenets of the science of Positive Psychology

  • apply discernment techniques to identify their personal values

  • assess the merit and utility of those values to determine which are most important

  • evaluate the import of their five greatest strengths

  • update and align their personal growth goals with their strengths and values

  • apply persistence techniques to continue their goal pursuit over longer time periods

Part 3

teamwork & leadership

teamwork & leadership

After completing this third chapter in the series, students will be able to

  • articulate the value of personal responsibility from a psychological perspecitve

  • demonstrate effective communication through active listening

  • distinguish between assertiveness and agressivness and apply the lessons of assertiveness training to promote a personal value that may be of utility to a broader group

  • apply the foundations of argument to the civil discourse of a contested idea

  • apply goal achievement techniques to group goals

Part 4

service learning

Service Learning

After completing this fourth chapter in the series, students will be able to

  • define value creation from a commercial and psychological perspective 

  • identify areas in which the application of their personal strengths could create value for their community

  • plan and implement a community service project that creates value within their community

  • apply goal achievement techniques to value creation

Learn How Our Approach to Empowering Students Might be Perfect for Your Students, Staff, and Program.

At Tried & True we really enjoy the Destinations Series because of its impact and level of collaboration with your staff.  What's the saying? "Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life."


If we could travel back in time to our youth, this is the course we would take ourselves.

We think this course is meaningful for all involved, and we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can customize a partnership with you, your staff, your students, and your families.  If you are also excited to learn what such a partnership might bring, please reach out.

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

--John A. Shedd.