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About these Courses

Engagement + Flexibility = Impact!  Our modular approach to these 1 to 16-hour courses provide flexible scheduling to meet the needs of any school or organization.
Our Hard Skills Modules can...
  • Stand-alone, as single sessions to inspire and educate students at key moments

  • Be strung into an extended Empowering Students program

  • Integrated into our flagship SEL program, the Destination Series, giving students a practical and immediate opportunity to utilize the Destination Series goal pursuit activities in the context of these Hard Skills.

Interactive classes include:

Financial Literacy

Students gain insight into the world of money and finance with this 1-8 hour course. We explore everything from budgeting and investing to loan applications and insurance plans. This course empowers students to enter the professional world with intelligent and practical financial skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand general cost of living

  • Use basic financial terms

  • Analyze a paycheck

  • Set cogent financial goals

  • Understand the difference between various bank accounts

  • Be confident creating a budget based on financial limitations

Personal Growth & Goal Setting

Imagine students intentionally working towards their goals driven by their own enthusiasm and interests! This highly-engaging, 1 - 16 hour course creates productive citizens by giving students a practical structure for achieving their goals through time management, personal organization, and habit formation. Students explore their personality, strengths, and values to set goals that inspire them to pursue personally meaningful career outcomes

Learning Objectives

  • Define and compare growth mindset and fixed mindset

  • Apply a growth mindset approach to their own reflections of self and circumstance

  • Identify growth mindsets in real-life scenarios

  • Define SMART goals

  • Create a SMART goal for themselves

  • Practice the principles of effective time management

  • Apply time management principles to their SMART goals

  • Explore how their personality informs their interests, strengths, and values

Leadership & Communication

Craft the leaders of tomorrow in this dynamic 1-8 hour course that explores the foundations of identity, personal growth, and collaboration. Students gain insight into their personal strengths and apply them to a series of engaging activities. Through  cooperation with their classmates, students will also develop strong interpersonal communication skills that will serve them for years to come.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply growth mindsets to their individual goals

  • Explore the elements of their personality, strengths, and values

  • Develop and practice effective communication techniques appropriate for various situations

  • Reflect on challenges to their values in a set of ethical dilemmas

  • Collaborate with their peers in a range of team activities

  • Apply their leadership skills to an issue or cause of personal importance or significance

Career Foundations & Exploration

Prepare your students to be informed, thoughtful, and productive individuals no matter their field of interest. This 1-8 hour course provides students with the basics of professional practices and communication that will help them achieve their career goals for years to come. Topics include time management, job seeking, personal organization, public and interpersonal communication, and other practical skills needed for successful career outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore their interests and strengths and pair them with potential career opportunities

  • Develop career-centric goals for themselves

  • Practice effective time management skills

  • Create a professional resumé

  • Practice professional communication strategies

  • Analyze ethical dilemmas in the workplace

  • Identify and practice good negotiating skills

  • Perform a mock interview with feedback from their peers