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Intro to Data Science

Image by Marvin Meyer
About the Course

Data science is one of the most in demand modern career fields.  Why, you may ask? What is data science? Simply put, it is finding valuable insights and information from data.  Businesses use it to improve production. Hospitals use it to provide better care and save lives. It can drive innovation. Improve hiring. Redirect education. It is the backbone of artificial intelligence. The uses are endless!  


We make this course fun by introducing data sets that students are interested in: sports, video games. . . maybe even coronavirus.  By connecting data science to topics that students are passionate about, we engage them in meaningful conversations that make the numbers come alive.


In this course students will be introduced to Python, a powerful web developing language widely used in data science.


The full course consists of 10, two-hour modules.  It can be customized to your program’s needs.


Students complete this introductory course excited about pursuing careers in data science!

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