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Our Story

Passionate About Inspiring Others

You ever wake up in the morning thinking about the Pythagorean Theorem? After a hard day do you
relax with friends and debate the uncommon uses of semi-colons? And end your evening curling up with
the latest research report on SAT and ACT psychometrics? It sounds like a great day, right? OK, we understand that digging into the nuances of the fine print of a university's online education study doesn't quite spark everyone's interest like it does ours. But at Tried & True, we're sort of test prep and pedagogy geeks who enjoy sharing our insights to impact students. Those insights coupled with our dedication to engaging expert instruction help us produce the celebrated results for which we're known.


With decades of experience raising student achievement, Tried & True’s team is committed to serving
you and your students with the most impactful instruction available. We are driven to be student-centric, responsive to students’ needs to be college and career ready. We wear our passion on our sleeve and promise to serve you and your community with integrity and commitment. Thousands of families can
attest to our dedication and success. We’re proud of our services and look forward to supporting your
mission and goals.


And if you reach out to us, we promise not to quiz you on your semi-colon opinions.

We are always excited to talk about serving students.  If you would like to chat, contact us below to speak with a director.

If you would like to learn more about the other services we offer, please select from the following:

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