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Math Class

Academic Enrichment

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Math Formulas


Math is one of those areas that is important for more reasons than you can count.  It’s a core subject colleges review closely on transcripts.  It’s a building block not only to advanced college math, but to a world of sciences.  And of course let's not forget its relevance in the job market.  It’s logical.  Theoretical.  Fantastical!  Sorry, we get carried away when thinking about math.


We offer an array of classes based on your students’ readiness.  Our most common programs are


  • Integrated Math I, II, and III

  • Algebra I and II

  • College Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus and Calculus


Not sure what math levels your students should tackle?  We’re ready to help.  We offer an efficient math assessment that can indicate which course would be best for a student.  This assessment is complimentary, and included with our math enrichment courses.


Science Enrichment Workshops

Our range of workshops engage your students with inquiry based learning projects centered around hands-on activities that bring science to life.  Fully customizable to meet your program and your students’ needs, you can select from a range of lessons intended to be presented in individual 2.5 to 4 hour long sessions.


These sessions begin with a brief lecture on topics of scientific interest, then quickly move on to guided practice, where the class works together to develop a skill.  Finally they move onto independent practice, where the class breaks into small teams of 3 to 4, to compete in challenges.


These challenges often involve an experiment or engineering challenge, where students are tasked with achieving a goal, recording measurements and data, making mathematical calculations, and competing in contests.  For example, in our Balloon Car challenge students must build a car, powered by wind blown from an inflated balloon.  Students compete to see whose car can go the fastest, the farthest, and which car was built most cheaply.  Students take measurements to determine the velocity and acceleration of their vehicle.  They record observations and make predictions as to how changes to their car design might affect its performance.


The workshops are not only fun, they make scientific concepts concrete through real life application. 

College Classroom
Student Writing

English Language Arts

Good writing, good grammar, isn’t just about following rules. It’s also about communicating your ideas more clearly. During this English enrichment course, we teach the rules, but we also teach students to be better communicators, so the important things they have to say get heard.


In this course we cover the grammar, creative writing, analytical writing, persuasive writing, and critical reading that makes a real difference in school, on standardized tests, and in life.

The instruction can be custom designed to target rising 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th graders as well as college students.  We can also structure the course for rising 12th graders as a Senior Seminar where students will learn important reading and writing skills that will benefit them beyond high school in college and career.

Image by Wadi Lissa

Senior Seminar

Your college application essay (personal statement) is your best opportunity to tell colleges who you really are, but so many students fall into the trap of writing the same essay that everyone else is writing.  Learn how to stand out when colleges read your essay by understanding:

  • The types of essay prompts you will see on applications

  • Developing “your story”

  • How to make that story sound unique, and truly express yourself

Senior Seminar
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