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Online Programs

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Online we can provide your students with many of the same courses we provide on-campus: courses led by teachers who excel at distance learning, featuring interactive group activities, student incentives, and much, much more.

We tie everything together with our Learning Hub, a convenient portal where your students can find everything they need for class, where students and staff can virtually congregate to build community, and where you can get the data to support your program's efficacy.  This sought-after feature is included with all Tried & True instruction!

Learning Hub

To implement a truly successful distance learning program takes much more than simply recreating the on-campus experience in an online setting. The best online approaches take advantage of the strengths that the digital space has to offer.

Our Learning Hub is perfectly designed to do just that:  provide a single, convenient space where students can easily access all of the digital tools they need for success in the distance learning environment.

Online Courses

A single, convenient space where students can easily:

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 2.26.04 PM.png

  • Login to their live class sessions

  • Provide their Tried & True Instructor and your program staff with valuable feedback

  • Get support for any technical issues they may be having

  • Get program-wide announcements

  • See a class calendar that they can add to their personal Apple, Outlook, or Google Calendars
    with the click-of-a-button

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Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 2.27.32 PM.png
  • Turn in homework and classwork electronically


  • Provide their Tried & True Instructor with the data needed to customize class, targeting their personal knowledge gaps

  • Provide you with the data you need to demonstrate your program's efficacy

Live, Online Class Features

Just as a great campus environment can make a big difference with in-person education, so does our Learning Hub make a big difference in online education.  And just like learning on a beautiful campus, the key to successful online instruction is great classes taught by great teachers.

We are committed to teaching extraordinary classes that make a difference in students' lives, whether that be in-person or online.  Our online courses have been designed to engage students the same way our in-person classes do, all the while, taking full advantage of the benefits available in the digital space.

Our online classes feature:

  • Instructors who excel online

  • Interactive group activities designed to keep students engaged and learning

  • Incentives to motivate continued student participation

  • Digital course materials so students can easily access work anytime, anywhere

  • Data reporting on attendance, homework completion, and practice exam performance

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