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Ideal for Saturday Academies, after school enrichment, and summer programs, Tried & True's on-campus instruction brings expert instructors, engaging curricula, and comprehensive materials directly to your students.

College Campus

What makes us different?

At Tried & True we approach Classroom Engagement as an art and a science.  Our approach has been perfected over thousands of hours working in-person, on-campus with students just like yours.


Our instructors are. . .

  • Selected for their engaging personalities.  We look for teachers who students will love, who light up a room with their energy and personality; who will make a point of connecting with each and every student in the room.

  • Trained to master the strategies proven to create a classroom environment where students are paying attention, participating, and most importantly, learning.

Our curricula and materials include. . .

  • Activity-Based Learning so students apply and internalize what they are learning.

  • Games to reinforce key concepts in a fun environment.

  • Group Discussion that fosters inclusion and introspection in an invigorating and insightful way.

We believe that a teacher should be judged based on what his or her students learn.  We don’t come to campus to lecture.  We come to campus to engage, inspire, and impact.  We come to teach!

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