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Community Building Workshop

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About the Course

Building community seems to be one of the biggest challenges the programs we work with are facing these days, so we have created an incredibly fun and educational hour for your students.  In this live, online community building class we tackle problem solving through logic problems that draw students into lively conversation, building bonds, and supporting your efforts to create community in these challenging times.


This workshop is the perfect opportunity to see why students love Tried & True’s classes!

In this workshop we will explore some major components of non-cognitive skills: problem-solving, effective communication, and teamwork. Together we will:


  • Identify our individual strengths and how to apply them

  • Collaborate with other students to solve fun and challenging puzzles

  • Learn how to put these skills to use in our everyday lives


Take a break from the Netflix-binging, stretch your mental muscles, and join with some friends to seize the mantle of success!

Classmates in the Library
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