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Drones & 
Sphero Robotics

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About the Drones Course

Drones are not only a fun and engaging tool, but their applications in STEM education are proving to be extensive. Our curriculum can be applied with varying age ranges and is extremely conducive to students with diverse learning styles by helping them explore math, science, and logic through fun and practical application. Students will learn Block coding and Python by executing their code on small indoor friendly Tello drones that will fly autonomously.


Tello Drones

This incredibly small drone fits in your palm and only weighs approximately 80g. However, its durable design and flight technologies ensure that you can always fly with confidence. Just grab it from your bag and have fun.​

About the Sphero Course

This incredibly fun and educational course engages students with activity-based robotics automation and block coding. Students will be programming actual robots and solving real-world problems in this interactive class that strives to inspire students to consider STEM majors and careers.


Students don’t need any experience with robotics or coding. This lab-based course leverages small group learning with two or three students per robot to really keep the students interacting with each other, while learning the hard and soft skills necessary to successfully code their robot.

Just like real-life science, students will encounter obstacles (physical and theoretical!) that will motivate them to collaborate to perform complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and perseverance.

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