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About the Course

Before students can excel in their everyday classes as well as gain the most from test preparation, a strong foundation is necessary for math and grammar. Our Foundations course is designed to build students’ core academic skills without diving prematurely into standardized testing strategies and techniques. Yet the skills we build will be will be utilized on the SAT, ACT, and SBAC!

Additionally, we will support students’ learning by building specific non-cognitive skills – resiliency, growth mindset, self-control, adaptability, and self-efficacy – and study skills for note-taking, writing, and pre-algebra. The curriculum is delivered through the project and activity-based learning.

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Beyond academic, non-cognitive, and study skill building, we are going to work with students on their emotional control as it pertains to testing. Every student approaches tests differently. Some get energized. Some get nervous. Some are relaxed. Some are too energized, nervous, or relaxed. Some zip through tests and are always one of the first to finish. Others are more deliberate and require the entire testing time. And yet others far too frequently don’t seem to finish at all.

Do you know the one aspect many of these students have in common? They are not aware of the kind of test taker they are.


This unique but valuable portion of the program helps students identify what type of test taker they are and how best to harness this insight. This value is not limited to just standardized tests. The school year is filled with tests! Students will enjoy learning how best to leverage their newfound emotional control and carry their new self-awareness and test-taking confidence into their next exam!

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