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Problem Solving, Engineering, and Coding for Grades 7 - 12


The demand for  high quality STEM programming in K-12 has never been greater.  But, it’s becoming harder and harder to retain K-12 STEM teachers.  Meanwhile, educators are questioning the value of app based solutions. . .

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Anyone can teach

this insightful approach to coding and engineering.

You don’t need a subject matter expert.  After only one day of training, anyone on your team will be ready to deliver a powerful course.

Girl with Glitch kit
Girl with Glitch kit

Students learn real code and real circuits.

Students don’t sit on an app.  They solve problems in each and every class session through hands-on projects.

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GL!TCH Testimonials
Watch Now

Even the most hesitant of students is engaged.

Driven by a suspenseful narrative and centered around game based learning, it’s beyond engaging.  It’s immersive!

is the STEM course
teachers love to teach,
and students love to take!

“A story based coding/hands-on engineering experience.  It’s about problem solving and computational thinking.  We loved the problem solving aspect – the students REALLY did gain confidence throughout.  They got to design and build and actually see the results of their code in real life.”

Dr. Carolyn Peruta 
Director, Sonoma State University TRIO


  • Video mini-lessons to teach content

  • Slides, manuals, and teaching aides that walk step-by-step through hands-on activities

  • A physical kit that includes everything you need for projects and games

  • Flexible structure for a 10 to 60 hour course that fulfills middle and high school science requirements

  • 1-day professional development and quick onboarding

  • Chat and phone support to immediately answer your questions

  • And much more...

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