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Improv & Acting

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About this Course

Improv and Acting is an interactive class fueled by student participation that is beneficial for both students interested in acting as well as students not interested in acting.

Through focused activities students will be learning complex and necessary life skills such as public speaking, creative thinking, logic, storytelling, emotional intelligence, problem solving, creativity, teamwork and confidence. These skills are invaluable in job interviews, presentations, and business networking.

This performance based course leverages small group games as well as full class activities to get the students comfortable with working as a team and confidently speaking to both large and small groups. This interactive class strives to push students to think and speak extemporaneously.

Performing Art Class

Learning Objectives

  • Define improvisation

  • Confidently perform off the cuff material

  • Think on their feet

  • Perform in front of others

  • Work harmoniously with others

  • Think and speak independently

  • Strengthen communication skills through the use of performance and impromptu speaking

  • Sharpen storytelling abilities through the use of improv to discover characters, story and emotion.

  • Better describe their own emotions from practicing describing character emotions and state of being

  • Be better prepared for interviews and presentations by way of learning to think and respond using improvisation and acting techniques

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