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There are many ways Tried & True impacts students’ SAT and ACT scores. We offer valuable
presentations for first-time college-bound students and their parents. Diagnostic tests with detailed
reports for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses on college admissions tests. SAT
and ACT classes of varying lengths customized to your program’s needs. Refresher courses for
students who have prepared already but are dedicated to give that SAT or ACT one more try.  We
also offer courses designed as “pre-test-prep” where we focus on building students’ foundational
academic skills that prepare them not only for the SAT and ACT but also their regular school classes.

Understanding College Admissions Testing Webinar

Our most popular presentation for families looking to learn how best to navigate standardized testing for the college admissions process. During this informative hour we’ll cover these important topics:

  • How test scores are weighted in the admissions process

  • Differences between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT

  • Discuss which test will best represent their child to colleges

  • Uses of score choice and superscoring

  • How Subject Tests may need to fit into their plans

  • How to create their ideal testing calendar

Practice Exams

One of the most frequently posed questions we receive is “Should I take the SAT or ACT?”  That is a pertinent question not easily answered with a brief conversation about the student’s grades and academic likes and dislikes.  The best way to answer that critical question is to have students experience taking both the SAT and ACT in real testing conditions, either proctored by us or by someone on your team.  If there are limitations to offering proctored tests, we can offer students the opportunity to test on their own.  Our detailed diagnostic reports will then highlight students’ individual strengths and knowledge gaps as well as importantly inform the students as to which test will best represent them to colleges.


And not to be forgotten, practice exams possess another important trait: they are practice!  Practice to understand the unique ways test writers craft questions and clever answer choices.  Practice for the endurance necessary to stay focused for four hours.  Practice to try a few new approaches to certain question types.  Practice to develop a student’s personalized timing strategies.  We certainly practice all of these areas during the class, but there is no substitute to what a student learns when sitting for an entire full-length test.


We are also happy to announce that we have developed state-of-the art classroom reports to provide the greatest insights into areas needing instructional attention.  We have researched, developed, and invested significantly to create these industry-leading reports to give Tried & True the unique opportunity to have customized and adaptive lesson plans that best serve your students.

SAT or ACT Intensive Course

Quickly boost SAT or ACT scores with this high-energy 4- or 8-hour course usually completed in just one or two sessions.  This course can serve either as an introductory preparation step early in students’ testing journeys or as the solution for those students who simply do not have the time to commit to a more time-consuming program.


Our expert instructors use engaging teaching methods to deliver proven strategies and powerful insights.  We will teach the most frequently tested content areas and question types and have the students create their own personal timing and guessing strategies.  Students leave with the confidence that they can do well.

SAT or ACT Comprehensive Course

Tailored to your students’ score levels, this more rigorous class will delve deeply into the most frequently tested areas of the SAT and ACT.  Students will receive an expanded academic content review and hone their skills using individualized test-day strategies.  With interactive lessons and the option for targeted homework, students are peaked for the upcoming test dates.


Can a classroom program really be tailored to students’ score levels?  Yes!  Beginning either with students’ prior official test scores (including the PSAT) or one of our diagnostic practice tests, we will customize our lesson plan to address the skill gaps that will provide your specific cohort of students with the greatest score increases.  If there are significant skill gaps, we’ll cover more foundational materials targeted to their needs.  If high-fliers, we’ll motivate them with more challenging concepts and materials to push them even higher.


Once the program is underway, our subsequent specialized classroom reports provide additional insights that allow our Directors and highly-trained instructors to potentially make any necessary lesson plan changes in real time.  Yes, adaptive lesson planning!  And we don’t stop there.  Our instructors assign personalized in-class assignments and homework based on a student’s individual scores.  I know, wow!  This truly is a customized course!


From academic skills to particular strategies unique to the SAT or ACT, our course covers a fair amount of material in a relatively short amount of time.  The program includes up to three practice exams in order to best track progress and continue to practice the endurance needed to complete these long exams.


To maximize score-increase potential we give students the opportunities to master new content, fine-tune their personal test-taking timing, and try out a few new approaches to some of the more challenging questions.  Spread out over anywhere from six to eight weeks, our traditional 24-hour program assigns targeted homework for students to complete between lessons.  If homework is not a viable option, we can build practice time right into the lessons, but recommend considering a longer program to accommodate the extra class time.  Let us know your needs and we’ll customize an approach that works best for your families.

SAT or ACT Refreshers

Unless a student has reached a score that assures them admission to his or her top-choice college, a second or third sitting for an official test is often suggested to try and push for the extra points.  This program is specifically designed for students that have been through our traditional SAT or ACT Comprehensive Courses and want more help for another attempt at a test. 


Not wanting students to repeat the same content, we have created this review course to highlight key strategies and dig deeper into skill gaps with all new practice materials.  Students are encouraged to take one or two practice tests to again ready themselves for the official test date.


Before students can excel in their every day classes as well as gain the most from test preparation, a strong foundation is necessary for math and grammar. Our Foundations course is designed to build students’ core academic skills without diving prematurely into standardized testing strategies and techniques. Yet the skills we build will be utilized on the SAT and ACT!

Additionally, we will support students’ learning by building specific non-cognitive skills – resiliency, growth mindset, self-control, adaptability, and self-efficacy – and study skills for note-taking, writing, and pre-algebra. The curriculum is delivered through the project and activity-based learning.


And beyond academic, non-cognitive, and study skill building, we are going to work with students on their emotional control as it pertains to testing. Every student approaches tests differently. Some get energized. Some get nervous. Some are relaxed. Some are too energized, nervous, or relaxed. Some zip through tests and are always one of the first to finish. Others are more deliberate and require the entire testing time. And yet others far too frequently don’t seem to finish at all.

Do you know the one aspect many of these students have in common? They are not aware of the kind of test taker they are.


This unique but valuable portion of the program helps students identify what type of test taker they are and how best to harness this insight. This value is not limited to just standardized tests. The school year is filled with tests! Students will enjoy learning how best to leverage their newfound emotional control and carry their new self-awareness and test-taking confidence into their next exam!

Increasing Enrollment and Attendance

In partnership with your program or school, we are committed to impacting as many students as we can.  In that spirit, we have developed a series of family communications and alerts to increase enrollment and attendance. 


We know it’s hard to fit a test prep class into an already very busy schedule.  School work, family, friends, jobs, extracurricular activities, watching a little brother, etc.  These are real pulls on a student’s available time.  Finding the right balance is a challenge. 


Written in English or Spanish, our emails, fliers, or letters help communicate to students and parents the value of the SAT and ACT in the college admissions process, the value attending all the classes, and the value of carving out the necessary time to practice.  We certainly don’t feel that preparing for these tests should ever be the most important activity in a student’s life, but helping them (and their parents) gain a little perspective on the window of time open to them to prepare for college admissions can be very helpful.


Additionally, we track attendance of our courses and have alert systems in place if a student misses a class.  In coordination with your program or school, we will send communications to the appropriate people so everyone is in the know to ensure that the student stays on track.

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