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SAT/ACT Practice Exams

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About our Practice Exams

One of the most frequently posed questions we receive is “Should I take the SAT or ACT?”  

That is a pertinent question not easily answered with a brief conversation about the student’s grades and academic likes and dislikes.  The best way to answer that critical question is to have students experience taking both the SAT and ACT in real testing conditions, either proctored by us or by someone on your team.  If there are limitations to offering proctored tests, we can offer students the opportunity to test on their own.  Our detailed diagnostic reports will then highlight students’ individual strengths and knowledge gaps as well as importantly inform the students as to which test will best represent them to colleges.


And not to be forgotten, practice exams possess another important trait: they are practice!  Practice to understand the unique ways test writers craft questions and clever answer choices.  Practice for the endurance necessary to stay focused for four hours.  Practice to try a few new approaches to certain question types.  Practice to develop a student’s personalized timing strategies.  We certainly practice all of these areas within our classes, but there is no substitute to what a student learns when sitting for an entire full-length test.

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