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At Tried & True, terms like engagement and student achievement pepper our everyday conversations. The drive to impact students is in our DNA. And it is that drive that permeates our customizable professional development. Let us show your team our proven methods for engaging students with intentional lesson planning and interactive instruction.


Our goal is to build your program staff’s capacity to meaningfully increase student performance online or in-person. We demonstrate that commitment by building in staff check-ins and post-program follow-ups and reflections that ensure your success this year and beyond.


We know that the more we support you, the more effective you will be in supporting your many students.

Professional Development

Classmates in Library
Smiling Walking Friends

Our staff training is designed to work well for those just beginning their careers in education as well as those experienced educators who embrace honing their craft further. The most common reaction from those attending our training? Disbelief as to how much more fun can be had teaching.


And the results?

  • Increased student achievement

  • Effective lesson plans

  • Better attendance

  • Improved participation

We take the investment in your team seriously, and will have a lot of fun doing it!

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