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Three Ways to
Serve Students

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You Teach

You Teach

College Students in Classroom

Curriculum & Training

You and your team have put in the energy and the hours needed to personally connect with the students you serve.  You know them as individuals.  You know their strengths, their struggles, how to motivate them, and where to support them.


At Tried & True, we recognize the value of that relationship.  We provide Curriculum, Training, and Support, so you can utilize our expertise in creating engaging, impactful, and fun classroom experiences, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.


  • Video Training to quickly turn novice teachers into pros who can successfully deliver crucial content and at the same time understand how to create engagement in their own classrooms.

  • Teachers’ Guides that include content background and detailed lesson plans, so your staff can deliver meaningful lessons and wow students in the classroom.

  • Student Materials that kids love because they are clear, concise, and even a little funny.


Do you want to go a little deeper with our curriculum? 


Do you want to turn your already dedicated staff into a team of superheroes?


Our Staff Training or Professional Development solutions may be perfect for you.


We offer Staff Training that 

  • Pairs with all of our curriculum solutions

  • Reviews key content

  • Highlights high-leverage teaching moments in the lesson plans


Our Professional Development focuses on:

  • Engaging students online

  • Engaging students in the class

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Tried & True Teaches

Tried & True Teaches

"Full Service"

It’s one thing to find an instructor who knows math well.  It’s another thing to find an instructor who knows math well and can successfully teach it to struggling students.  At Tried & True we pride ourselves in our screening, hiring, and training of talented instructors.


With years of experience under our belts providing schools and grant funded programs with courses that engage, inspire, and impact students, we are confident that we can provide you curricula that make a difference together with teachers your students will love.

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We Teach Together

We Teach Together

Collaborative Team Teaching

You know your students.  They know you.  They have seen your staff’s commitment, and they trust you.  You are in a powerful position to give them the coaching and guidance that they will listen to.


We know the content.  We are subject matter experts ready to share our knowledge, ready to engage your students, and ready to partner with you to create a force for change in their lives.


Together, we will collaborate.  We will work with your team through a blend of instruction and training that is intelligently integrated to empower both your students and staff.  We deliver core lessons to your students and train and coach your staff to deliver the more personal and impactful instruction, guidance, and mentorship.   Your team’s increased capacity will continue well beyond this program!


This blended approach to instruction gives your students the best of both worlds.  We are excited to work together with you to create real impacts!

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Available Collaborative Programs

SEL & Life Skills
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